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wolf bkk


Year : 2021

Area : 45 sq.m

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Photographer : Ketsiree Wongwan


Wolf BKK is an award winning creative advertising agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. Its headquarter is located in an office building in the heart of Bangkok. The challenge is to renovate the 45 sq.m of office entrance and a meeting room that can turn into totally new look and concept that can evidently represent Wolf BKK’s DNA and visions, which are creativity and uniqueness. These DNA brought Wolf BKK become leading agency in this business both locally and internationally.


The functions simply fitted in small space with a very straightforward layout.  The entrance area was designed as a hall of fame, accents the space with LED lid glass shelves , displaying their award winning trophies, while a meeting room is outstanding at the back. Two spaces are divided  by clear glass partition with has many ‘Wolf’ CI stickers on it. 


We started from mint color on Wolf’s name card and disposed to use mint color as a key color for the whole meeting room. Covering meeting room walls with mint coated glass, enabled staffs to write ideas on.  Also, with matching vinyl floor makes the meeting room looks bold and obviously noticeable amongs grey color from the entrance.


Focusing closely on the wall covering material of entrance area, we experimented by using gradient dark grey – light grey laminate panels. In addition, since low existing ceiling, we used mirror-liked acrylic panel to heighten up the space.  With these 2 elements, they incredibly  create interesting effects to the design.


Wolf BKK had changed their doorstep with their new space. The design will become the first impression for their visitors and clients where can represent best of company’s DNA. 

spc LOGO-01-01.png
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