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kaizen skylane

Coffee cafe & Restaurant

Year : 2018

Area : 100 sq.m

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Photographer : Ketsiree Wongwan

Kaizen coffee co. is known as one of the best specialty coffee place in Bangkok, founded by a young passionate barista, Arnun wattanaporn who is highly influenced by Australia’s coffee scene. Kaizen skylane is the second branch of Kaizen coffee co. ,situated as part of  facilities complex of bicycle Skylane Suvarnabhumi, the latest bike track circling international airport of thailand. Offering extraordinary quality coffee and healthy foods to all bikers are main goals of this new coffee place, as well as required new look and more attractive branding and interior concept.


Cobalt blue was chosen to be a new branding color, representing youth, creativity, energy and innovation. Together with white color, brought about bold and modern look into both branding and interior design. Also inspired by bike tracks and velocity, linear line was becoming main design element that was expressed in new Kaizen logo and interior elements. These 2 main elements were played and placed in detail design that nicely fit with overall modern and minimal interior concept.


White stone specialty coffee counters were placed at center of space surrounded by seating area, giving a strong identity of place and a strong contrast with coffee machines and equipments which were mainly in black and stainless steel. These island pieces, including coffee bar, coffee tap, brewing bar, drip bar, bakery display were offering customers to view coffee processing from every directions and allow social relationships between baristas and customers.


Linear lines were used significantly as  main ceiling elements that run continuously between 2 side walls, creating principle volume of the whole space. Stripes of cobalt blue paint on ceiling, created graphically ‘K’ which was stand for ‘Kaizen’ enhancing the brand identity.


At the back, large blue coated glass with logo screen played an important role as a backdrop. Its reflections gave an interesting perception of space.


The new look of Kaizen skylane finally became uniquely outstanding among coffee place, which is ready to serve good quality coffee to bikers and all coffee lovers in town.

spc LOGO-01-01.png
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