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beyond code academy


Coding School

Year : 2021

Area : 90 sq.m

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Photographer : Thanapol Jongsiripipat


Beyond Code Academy, a Silicon-Valley inspired coding school for kids, has just launched the first branch at Block28, a creative and startup community in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.  Beyond Code Academy designed and created their own coding and computing curriculum by qualified tech-engineers and children education specialists from world top 5 universities in USA. Their missions are preparing children for the digital age by not just teaching them about coding but also teaching skills that are necessary for them to become future leaders. With‘ play based learning’ concept , the school asked for distinctive, creative, and kids-friendly learning environment. 


Space+craft took on the challenge to create this innovative coding playground. The school, covering 90 sq.m, contains townhall and waiting area, 3 classrooms, break-out area and 2 storage rooms. 2 rounded-shape classrooms are firstly placed in the space as the main core of the layout, creating arousing learning space and attractive perspective from the entrance. 


The waiting area in the front is designed as a flexible space. It can turn into a townhall or students’ showcases with necessary functions, including TV stand which is hidden behind the wooden wall cabinet and magnetic coding symbols, letting students to play with or easily attached their works to show their parents on the wall. Also the circulation around the classroom can be the runway for students practicing to control robots by their ipads. 


Light blue and yellow are used as the main color of the interior. In which tremendously encouraged creativity and imaginations of children. While oak woods helped soften up the space into enjoyable and friendly environment. Moreover, curved led light strips are outstanding elements that helped defined the curved circular space with the hi-tech touch.


The world is changing rapidly. Beyond Code Academy is a starting point of preparing kids to be ready for 21st century. No more traditional classroom, on the other hand,  anywhere can be classroom. The interior design of Beyond Code Academy helps integrating ‘learn’ and ‘play’ seamlessly, enhanced kids’ imaginations and fun vibe of learning experience.

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